ITSA lists FRAX Stablecoin in Tokenbase

Collateral Ratio (CR) of FRAX sitting currently at around 85%.
Figure 1: Frax Collateral ratio (CR) (Source:

Frax V2

Total Value Locked in the FRAX collateral pool
Figure 2: Frax Value Distribution (Source:

The AMOs are interesting development for Frax. Similarly, Fei Protocol utilizes its on-chain collateral on other protocols to earn yield, transaction fees, and interest. We can see a clear trend of DeFi protocols becoming more interconnected not only on a financial level but also on a governance level. Frax, for example, has acquired significant voting rights on the Curve protocol. Soon we will be witnessing DAO-to-DAO governance interactions.

Frax Price Index (FPI)

The classification of FRAX according to the ITC:

Figure 3: The FRAX Tokenbase entry (Source:

List of all Frax tokens:

Figure 4: Tokenbase list with all Frax tokens (Source:

The International Token Standardization Association (ITSA) e.V.


ITSA lists FRAX Stablecoin in Tokenbase



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