ITSA DeFi Insight — Aave Lending Markets

How does Aave work?

Aave Dashboard overview of stats
Figure 1: Aave platform overview (source:

Aave V3 — new features

Aave’s miltichain portal
Figure 2: Aave multichain portal (source:
Aave’s high-efficiency mode overview
Figure 3: Aave High-Efficiency Mode (source:
Aave’s isolation mode overview
Figure 4: Aave Isolation Mode (source:

Risk management revamp

The classification of Aave according to the ITC

The classification of the Aave token according to the ITC
Figure 5: The Aave Tokenbase entry (Source:
List of all Aave V2 tokens listed in the ITSA Tokenbase
Figure 6: Aave V2 aToken list (source:

The International Token Standardization Association (ITSA) e.V.




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