DeFi Insight — Bancor V3 released

Figure 1: Bancor Defilama entry (source:

How Impermanent Loss Protection works

Figure 2: Bancor V3 changes (source:

More perks for Bancor 3 users

“Bancor has spent the past several years creating the equivalent of a high-yield savings account for DeFi: deposit your assets, sit back and earn. By helping token projects and their users safely and simply tap into DeFi yields, Bancor 3 creates robust and resilient on-chain liquidity markets that drive healthy token economies.” Mark Richardson (Core developer Bancor)

The classification of Bancor (BNT) according to the ITC

Figure 3: The BNT Tokenbase entry (Source:

The International Token Standardization Association (ITSA) e.V.




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